frequently asked questions

  • what foundations do I need?
    This depends on the ground the building will stand on. We usually recommend simple pad foundations, approximately 500mm x 500mm. We recommend using six pads for each new unit 6m x 2.435m e.g. one on each corner and one half way along the 6m side (front and back). For uneven ground Jackpad provide the perfect solution. To learn more about their solutions, please contact them direct at
  • will the units double stack?
    Yes the new units are designed to double stack either as single or multiple bay modular buildings. Access to the top floor is via an external steel staircase.
  • how are the buildings delivered?
    New units are delivered on vehicles with front mounted cranes to site the buildings on your prepared base adjacent to unloading area. If you have any access issues please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • will you deliver over grass?
    No, delivery onto grass or unmade ground is not an option. We allow 1 hour on site for all deliveries extra time will be charged for.
  • what colour are the units?
    The new units units are finished internally in a very light grey/white colour.
  • can you fit toilets / kitchen etc.
    Yes we can fit these in the new units these can be fitted prior to despatch, each building is priced individually.
  • what are the exact dimensions?
    External dimensions of the new units are 6.055m long x 2.435m wide x 2.790m high. Internal dimensions 5.851m long x 2.231m wide x 2.51m high.
  • what are the buildings made of?
    The new units frame, roof and base are all hot dipped galvanised steel, the wall panels are a composite panel (steel on the outside, steel on the inside and insulation in between). The doors are aluminium. Windows are UPVC double glazed tilt & swing units with aluminium roller shutters externally.
  • what insulation do the buildings have?
    The insulation in the new buildings is non-combustible mineral wool. Roof and walls have 60mm and floor has 100mm.
  • how do I connect the mains electric to the building & what electrics are included?
    Every new 6m x 2.435m unit has a 30amp socket in the roof recess, simply plug and go. Each new 6m x 2.435m unit has a consumer unit with four trip fuses and 16amp RCD, two fluorescent lights, three low level and one high level power socket and a new convector heater (we leave this in the box for you to fit where it is convenient).