Fairoaks Airport




The Challenge: Upgrading Facilities for a Busy Airport

Located in Surrey, Fairoaks Airport is a thriving hub for general aviation. Serving public transport flights and housing pilot training schools, the airport has grown and evolved over the years. Recognising the need to invest in its staff well-being, the Fairoaks management team sought to improve the facilities for its dedicated flight crews and ground personnel. However, an extended construction lead time presented a challenge, as any disruptions to daily operations were not an ideal option for the bustling airport.

The Beauty of Prefab: Faster, More Efficient Construction

The power of modular construction lies in its innovative off-site manufacturing process. This approach offers several key advantages over traditional building methods:

● Reduced construction times: By manufacturing key building components in a controlled factory environment, modular construction boasts significantly faster completion times. Compared to traditional methods, modular construction can deliver projects 30-50% faster.
● Weatherproof construction: Unlike traditional construction, which is susceptible to weather delays, modular construction benefits from a controlled indoor environment. With 60-90% of the building completed indoors, the risk of delays due to weather is significantly reduced.
● Earlier project completion: Modular construction allows for a faster transition from design to completion. With less on-site work required, buildings are ready for use sooner, allowing clients like Fairoaks Airport to reap the benefits of their investment quickly.

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A Collaborative Partnership Delivers Exceptional Results

Working closely with the Fairoaks team, TF Jackson embarked on a collaborative design and construction process designing a modern, two-story facility. The final building, comprised of 14 linked modules, providing ample space across the two floors. The modern design, featuring bright and inviting interiors included features like floor-to-ceiling windows offering airfield views and roller shutters for enhanced security. The build was completed within a remarkable six-week timeframe from order confirmation.

The new facility boasts a range of features designed to enhance staff comfort and productivity:

● A spacious and inviting airport lounge: a dedicated space for relaxation and socialisation during breaks, for a positive and collaborative work environment.
● Essential staff facilities: A fully equipped kitchen, along with modern toilets and shower rooms, ensures that staff have access to convenient and high-quality amenities.
● Minimal disruption to operations: The modular construction process minimised on- site work, with installation completed within a targeted two days, ensuring minimal impact on daily airport operations.