Prefabricated Safety and Comfort for Your Workforce Welfare

Today, the idea of a prefabricated or portable building being a rudimentary box-like structure is entirely out of date. A portable building is no longer the prefabricated poor relation of traditional workspaces. A portable building is a comfortable, secure space perfectly equipped for the comfort and convenience of any workforce.

TF Jackson is the UK’s largest stockist of temporary, prefabricated buildings. Their innovative design and huge flexibility make our modular buildings perfect for keeping staff healthy and happy across the UK. Our welfare units are designed to provide essential amenities and services for workers in various industries, particularly construction. They play a crucial role in ensuring staff well-being and helping companies meet essential health and safety regulations. Whether you need vandal-proof security, fire-rated performance, open-plan or defined areas, we will have a solution for you.

Prefabricated office and welfare units

What is a Prefabricated Welfare Unit?

TF Jackson builds, assembles and fits out our prefabricated buildings in our factory, transporting complete or sub-assemblies to the site. The manufacturing process brings speed and cost advantages, as it can be rapidly deployed and is significantly cheaper than any traditional construction. Sustainability is another core benefit, as it reduces onsite waste and introduces the ability to repurpose and relocate.

Prefabricated welfare unit canteen on site

A Diverse Range of Applications

Prefabricated buildings with welfare facilities cater to a wide range of requirements across various industries:
Construction Sites: essential workspaces for construction crews, including office space for project management, a canteen for breaks and meals, and toilet facilities for hygiene and comfort.
Emergency Response: can be quickly deployed as temporary shelters, medical facilities, or command centres in response to natural disasters or emergencies.
Remote Locations: a practical solution for establishing temporary or permanent workspaces in remote areas.
Events and Entertainment: ideal for creating temporary offices, ticket booths, press rooms, or concession stands for festivals, concerts, or sporting events.
Warehousing and Manufacturing: can be used to create additional space for employees within existing facilities quickly.

Prefabricated canteen and coffee shop

A prefabricated building is highly customisable, from the exterior facade to the internal layout. TF Jackson can tailor the space to suit the specific welfare needs of staff:

Office Space:
Office spaces can be designed for comfort and efficiency, with considerations for natural lighting, acoustics, and even furniture configurations. The layout can be desk orientated or lend itself to more open plan meeting areas.

Canteens are a place for staff to rest and recharge. Welfare units can be equipped with all the necessary amenities, from a well-appointed kitchen to a simple break room, including the usual kitchen appliances, sink, dining areas and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Toilet/Shower Facilities:
Toilet facilities are a mandatory feature in any workplace. Our modern welfare unit has functional and comfortable toilets in a range of easy-to-maintain sizes and configurations including urinals, sinks, mirrors and countertops. A site welfare unit can also include a shower block so employees can wash away the grime and dirt after a hard day’s work.

Drying rooms and Changing Facilities:
A welfare unit can include a dedicated area for staff to change into their work wear with bench seating and clothes hooks for ease of use. Another option is a well-ventilated drying room to air wet clothing and gear, keeping work clothes dry and warm.

Sleeping Facilities:
We can even include convenient and cost-effective sleeping accommodation, providing comfortable and safe temporary sleeping quarters for onsite rest and recovery.

Prefabricated toilet and shower unit

In Stock Availability from TF Jackson

The scope of prefabricated welfare facilities continues to grow. Temporary modular buildings can be laid out in a vast range of configurations according to the job’s needs and the site’s layout. As well as a complete customisation service, TF Jackson has an extensive portfolio of standard welfare unit configurations for sale, in stock and available for delivery.

You can buy a configurable 20 x 8ft combination office, kitchen and toilet unit for under £11K. Our standard specification includes double-glazed windows with external aluminium roller blinds, stainless steel single drainer sink, cold tap, wall-mounted electric water heater and worktop, mains flushing toilet pan, hand basin with cold tap and electric water heater. For bigger projects, we can provide a four bay portable office unit with reception, kitchen toilets & meeting room with a full one year manufacturers warranty for under £40k.

With their speed of construction, diverse applications, and customisable designs, prefabricated buildings offer a versatile and cost-effective space solution. Contact us today by calling +44 1298 79753 or emailing [email protected] for more information. Our team of specialists are on hand to help create a comfortable and efficient working environment for your team.

Prefabricated office meeting room with screen, projector and large table