• Two Bay Building for Stratford, London

    18th May 2020

    Read More Two bay open plan building. Loaded and ready for transport to Avondale Construction, Sugar House Island in Stratford.  
  • Twenty Bay Building for installation in Stockport

    30th March 2020

    Read More Assembled and ready to be delivered and installed. A well thought out twenty bay building comprising reception area, general and private offices, kitchen, toilets and a store. Use of the long fixed windows inside and out give extra light and an open feeling.
  • One of Ten 32′ x 10′ Anti-Vandal units delivered this week

    20th March 2020

    Read More We're still running at full capacity to fulfill your portable building needs. Ten 32' x 10' pre-used anti-vandal units have been delivered this week as well and several containers and toilet blocks. A new six bay building (3 on 3) has just been installed in Nottingham.  
  • Customer collecting

    7th February 2020

    Read More We are happy to load your own vehicle if you prefer to collect your building.   32' x 10' Steel jack leg cabin loaded and on its way to Oban.  
  • End of year roundup

    18th December 2019

    Read More     What a busy end to 2019! Returning and new customers taking delivery of new single and modular buildings as well as pre-used site units. We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   ]
  • Eight Bay Building for McCullock Rail – Ballantrae

    20th September 2019

    Read More We have just completed the installation of an eight bay (four on four) building with external steel stairs for McCullock Rail in Ballantrae. (more…)]
  • Peters Cleaners – Peterborough

    24th September 2019

    Read More We have just supplied the first building to Vicky of Peters Cleaners in Peterborough. (more…)]
  • Messages from Customers

    30th August 2019
    We have just installed a five bay office unit for Spencer Bros of Brassington, Derbyshire to replace some old cabins they have been using for years. Jayne sent this email thanking us (more…)
    Read More

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