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No matter what style or size of portable sleeping accommodation you require, we can arrange a flexible cost-effective solution for your site. Please contact our sales office on 01298 79753 and our team will get to work creating the perfect solution for your business.

If you’re looking for new portable sleeping units, you’re in the right place. TF Jackson supplies high-quality portable sleeping units in a range of sizes and layouts. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of spacious portable sleeping accommodation units and we have extensive experience in creating comfortable and secure sleeping spaces that suit your specifications and requirements. They are a cost-effective solution as they eliminate the need for costly hotel stays.

high-quality portable sleeping units

All of our sleeping units are insulated with PVCu double glazed windows to minimise heat loss and come with a variety of features including a sleeping area, and storage facilities, and are fully equipped with modern flush mounted power sockets and their own WC and shower. So, you can be confident that you will be receiving a high-quality, secure product.

We offer a range of portable sleeping units including an 8-bed unit and a 12-bed that both come complete with a range of standard features but also with a mirror, toilet roll holder, towel rail and high-level window. The flexible interior of our sleeping units can be customised to suit your specific needs. The units that we provide act as affordable accommodation for companies operating large crews.


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With 30+ years of experience, our highly trained specialists design & supply modular buildings for a range of different applications.





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Whether you are a seasonal worker in the Agricultural and Horticulture industry that requires a temporary solution, or you work in construction and are required to work in a remote location, we can provide you with the perfect solution. Our portable sleeping units are ideal as a comfortable temporary solution for a wide range of sectors and industries.