Why should you invest in infrared heating for your modular building?

Here at TF Jackson, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with cost-effective solutions for a range of projects. However, with the cost of living increasing and energy costs also on the rise, we have been looking for ways we can support our customers further with low-cost heating solutions for our modular builds. This is where Ambion Infrared heating comes in. Ambion is a forward-thinking computer-controlled infrared (CCIR) heating system that will significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as save you money on your heating bills.

Modern living room interior with an 'Ambion' computer-controlled infrared heating system mounted on the wall

What is an infrared heating system?

Infrared heating systems work in a similar way to the sun. Large panels are heated until they are hot enough to emit infrared radiation which then travels until it hits an object. The object then absorbs the radiation, causing molecules within it to vibrate, producing heat. In addition to heating the object, the vibration also recycles heat by sending warmth out into the surrounding space. Meaning it is easier to maintain a consistent temperature for longer, giving CCIR higher performance levels than traditional or electric heating.

Why choose infrared heating for your modular building?

We can work with Ambion to create a computer-controlled infrared heating system for your modular building. The CCIR system from Ambion typically uses 60% less energy than a conventional electric system, creating a more cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.


Infrared heating systems are energy efficient because of the way the heat is used. CCIR consumes less than half the energy needed to achieve the same level of heat as a conventional heater by radiating to the objects and surfaces within a room.

Higher performance

For many businesses, reducing their impact on the environment is becoming of increasing importance. Utilising modular buildings is a step in the right direction as they are a sustainable alternative to traditional construction. However, if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint further, now is the time to consider investing in an infrared heating system. Recent studies conducted by Ambion show that their technology provides the same level of heat whilst using 60% less energy than standard electric systems. This reduced consumption rate also means that carbon emissions are more than 60% lower than in traditional systems.


Ambion’s heating system is a cost-effective solution for heating in long-term modular builds. The energy is drawn at a steady rate, so its usage doesn’t spike during peak times as opposed to traditional heating systems. This means customers can save up to 20% of the cost of each unit of energy they use.

Increased comfort

CCIR systems emit comfortable, consistent heat. And, unlike traditional central heating, infrared systems are not reliant on circulating air, meaning there is typically less circulating dust. The natural heat and improved air quality created by infrared systems create a much more comfortable environment for your employees.

Infrared heating is the future

Infrared heating systems are the future, it’s as simple as that. Expensive, fossil-fuel heating systems will come to an end and more cost-effective, sustainable CCIR systems will become long-term solutions. If you’re looking to increase your building’s energy efficiency, as well as save money on heating bills, an infrared heating system is the solution.

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