Charity Run at Chatsworth House

Our Operations Manager, Martin Balshaw took part in the 3K Chatsworth House run, alongside his son on Saturday the 17th of September. The run was to raise funds for Blythe House Hospice and Helen’s Trust.

We were honoured to have been able to donate a building. This was delivered and collected by Allens (Stourbridge) Transport Ltd. Martin and his son had a great day at the race (pictured below) and were pleased to see that the total raised for the Hospice was a whopping £26,000.

We have previously helped to raise funds for Blythe House including sponsoring a tee at their Charity Golf Day back in May. We look forward to any further events that we can get involved with.

A collage of four images: a young boy outdoors with a medal, a modular building at an event, a red crane truck transporting a modular unit, and a 'Thank You' sign from a charity recognising TF Jackson