Why the Leisure Sector is Buzzing About the Modular Movement

campsite top view with tents and caravans in site

In the ever-evolving world of construction, modular building solutions have emerged as a game-changer. These prefabricated structures, manufactured in controlled factory environments and assembled on-site, offer cost-efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability, making them a growing trend.

One industry embracing this innovative trend is the leisure sector. As demand for versatile, eco-conscious and budget-friendly spaces continues to grow, modular designs have become an ideal fit for this industry. At TF Jackson, we’ve been at the forefront of this modular movement, having already worked with some fantastic companies to install modular leisure buildings at their sites. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why the leisure sector is buzzing about the modular movement.

A Shift Towards Flexibility and Adaptability

At TF Jackson, our team is on hand to construct quality modular leisure structures tailored to your specific needs and specifications. The leisure sector is seeing a surge in popularity for modular structures due to their cost-effective structures, which offer numerous benefits, including flexibility, adaptability, customisation and speed of construction. These structures provide diverse solutions for campsites, sports amenities, and event venues, catering to the varying needs and demands of the industry.


Modular buildings offer comfortable and convenient accommodations for campsite visitors and outdoor enthusiasts. Blending rustic charm and modern comforts, these structures are ideal for combining functionality with aesthetics, designed with eco-friendly features. In fact, at TF Jackson, we prioritise energy efficiency, recently integrating green roofs and solar panels into a project. These units are also ideal for customisation and seasonal flexibility, as they can be easily expanded to meet peak-season demands without the need for permanent construction.

  • New amenities e.g. cafes, spas, conference rooms
  • Luxury accommodation e.g. cabins, cottages
  • Toilet and shower blocks

Event Venues

Modular designs are commonly used in the entertainment sector to create temporary venues that are scalable for different events and audiences. They’re also ideal for time-sensitive events and designed for quick and easy assembly as needed.

  • Exhibition halls
  • Pop-up theatres
  • VIP lounges
  • Merchandise area
  • Ticket booths

Sports Amenities

Modular sports buildings address the sector’s need for flexible solutions and are available for use immediately after assembly. Our expert team can customise these units to reflect your organisation’s branding and specific requirements, with endless options for layout, size, design, and finishes. 

  • Changing rooms
  • Gyms and fitness studios
  • Educational sporting facilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Temporary accommodation during events and tournaments

The Eco-Conscious Appeal

The leisure sector, which frequently engages with the natural environment, has a growing interest in eco-conscious and sustainable solutions. By demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, organisations within this sector can realise several benefits.

Modular sports buildings are a sustainable alternative to traditional designs, significantly reducing energy consumption by up to 67% throughout the building process compared to traditional methods. At TF Jackson, we prioritise energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact in all our projects and take pride in constructing these facilities with energy-efficient insulation and timber cladding.

Manufacturing modular designs in our controlled factory environment not only increases efficiency but minimises waste generation, with predictions that modular construction will see a 90% reduction in waste materials compared to traditional methods. This is because controlled environments leave less room for error, and materials are less likely to be damaged. Additionally, the installation of modular leisure buildings on-site ensures a quicker and cleaner process by reducing air, water, dust, and noise pollution.

Timber cladding is a renewable and recyclable material that provides structural integrity and enhances aesthetics. Buildings constructed from this material are hardwearing and weather-resistant, ensuring a long and efficient working life. This durability also reduces the need for frequent replacements or renovations, promoting further sustainability. It also provides a healthier indoor environment by regulating humidity levels and absorbing pollutants, contributing to improved air quality, which is especially important for the leisure sector, where people spend more time close to nature.

Swift Assembly and Cost-Efficiency

At TF Jackson, we’re committed to constructing our flexible structures with precision and accuracy. The reduced construction times and potential for significant cost savings have ensured that modular leisure and sports buildings have become an integral part of the leisure sector. These benefits are particularly appealing for an industry that is fast-paced and budget-conscious, making modular construction an ideal solution.

  • Speed and efficiency: The quick and easy installation of modular structures is an advantage for the leisure sector – modular builds can be constructed twice as fast as traditional builds. It allows organisations to get their expansion or new amenities up and running quickly, responding to seasonal demands and market changes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Modular designs are more cost-effective than traditional builds thanks to their construction in controlled conditions where there is less waste. Factory construction also results in lower labour costs, as our experts can produce more than on-site construction crews to an unrivalled quality level.
  • Flexibility: These structures can be designed to meet a wide range of needs, and customised for specific requirements. From the creation of new amenities, luxury accommodations or additional sporting facilities, these flexible structures allow for a tailored solution that aligns with your unique needs and customer preferences. As customer preferences evolve and seasonal fluctuations occur, modular designs can be expanded, reconfigured and relocated, providing continued value for money over time.

Blending Functionality with Aesthetics

With timber cladding, TF Jackson’s modular leisure buildings are designed to complement their natural surroundings. This wooden cladding is often a popular choice for these structures because it is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. From traditional to contemporary looks, timber cladding can blend in with the natural environment, promoting a sense of harmony with nature and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Choose TF Jackson for Modular Buildings

The trend of using modular buildings in the leisure sector is on the rise and is expected to continue in the coming years. Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and create more flexible and sustainable spaces as the industry evolves. It presents many more opportunities for businesses to harness the unique features of these modular leisure designs, blending functionality and aesthetics. 

TF Jackson is proud to provide high-quality modular solutions tailored to the leisure sector (insert a link to the page when live). With a commitment to precision and excellence, we deliver innovative spaces that align with the evolving needs of the industry.

Are you ready to explore the advantages of modular leisure buildings? Get in touch with us today. Simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us at 01298 79753, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.