The Crumbling Concrete Crisis: How TF Jackson Can Help

The Crumbling Concrete Crisis: How TF Jackson Can Help

In recent years, the issue of crumbling Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) structures has been gradually gaining attention. However, it’s now making headlines across the nation, with more than 100 schools impacted by the Department for Education’s order to close over safety fears, just as children are set to return.

Urgent Action Required as Crumbling Concrete Crisis Threatens Schools

According to  The Independent, pupils all across the UK will have their education disrupted, following the government’s directive to shut down over 100 schools due to concerns surrounding a specific type of concrete. Described as possessing “80 per cent air” and likened to an “Aero Bar,” this concrete variation has prompted these necessary closures.

How Can TF Jackson Help With The Concrete Crisis?

The alarming reality of crumbling concrete structures in schools has led to widespread concern. As children are set to resume their education next week, the urgency to address this issue becomes paramount. The dilapidation of RAAC structures not only poses safety risks but also threatens to disrupt the learning process, leaving both students and educators in limbo.

In the face of this crisis, TF Jackson emerges as a reliable partner dedicated to safeguarding education from the adversities of crumbling concrete. With years of expertise in crafting portable buildings and cabins for the education sector, TF Jackson is well-equipped to tackle the pressing challenge and provide a seamless solution that ensures education remains undisturbed.

If you require temporary buildings for your school, college or university, we can help. Our modular and portable buildings can provide you with a wide range of options that will fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Over 150 Units In Stock

With a stock of over 150 units available for immediate delivery, we are primed to provide timely and high-quality portable classrooms, ensuring a smooth transition back to school.

We Can Accommodate Specific Requirements

Understanding that every educational institution has unique needs, our portable classrooms are designed with versatility and customisation in mind. Whether it’s adapting the space for classrooms, school offices, canteen areas, or other specific requirements, our structures can be tailored to seamlessly integrate with an existing school setup.

Our capabilities extend beyond portable classrooms; we can also devise solutions for other sectors impacted by recent developments. This includes temporary healthcare facilities, clinics, consulting rooms, government buildings, and commercial spaces. Whatever your requirements, TF Jackson offers high-quality, swift solutions.

TF Jackson’s Swift Solutions for Emergencies

Our portable classrooms offer a functional yet comfortable learning environment, allowing students to continue their education with minimal disruption amidst the crumbling concrete crisis.

If you would like to enquire about a portable classroom or any other portable education facility, get in touch today, by calling 01298 79753 or complete our enquiry form below.